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  • Thanks to its reputation for helping any level of rider effortlessly progress, the Stance has become a favourite among weekend warriors and mid-week die-hards alike. The Stance blends the best of Nitro´s time-tested board technologies with a camber profile that assists carving, jibbing or straight-lining down the mountain. More than just a trippy graphic It's easy to pick a board based on appearance, and while the Stance does look great, it also boasts a load of tech under the flashy topsheet graphic. Constructed using Nitro's Power Core - which utilises tip-to-tail poplar laminates - the Stance achieves a flex which places it firmly in the hallowed freestyle sweet-spot between super-soft and mid-flex. The mellow flex also makes it particularly good at absorbing uneven snowpack, ruts and bumps. Not just for the newcomers With its beginer-friendly flex and entry level price tag, it's easy to typecast the Stance as a starter deck for future rippers. While it's certainly true that it's a great choice for advanced beginers, it shouldn't be written off by more capable park riders - it's the perfect mix of lightweight strength, playful flex, obedient response and loose skate feel. Poppy and responsive, but forgiving in all the right places, the Stance is a fantastic board for learning new tricks on. However, the Stance isn't just great for refining your skills, it’s built to be tough as old boots, meaning your riding ability will more than likely outgrow it long before you ever need to replace it. The best bits... Twin Shape Flat-Out Camber Urban Flex Radial Sidecut Powercore Bi-Lite Laminates Premium Extruded FH Base [youtube id=TaB_B-QLdqQ]

    Nitro Stance Snowboard - Men's - B075TVTRH6

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