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  • Theyre more than just comfortable theyre the Full Tilt Plush 4 Womens Ski Boots Featuring a Ribbed Tongue and free flexing cuff youll never bottom out or shin bang on a landing and the 3 Piece FTE Evolution shell is up to two pounds lighter than other ski boots so they wont weigh you down either It comes with a #4 Flex Tongue for easy flex but if you crave more response you can replace the Tongue to increase the stiffness in fact many parts of the boot can be replaced or upgraded with nothing more than a Phillips head screwdriver Specs Flex Rating 4 1 being softest 10 the stiffest Last Width 102mm Skill Level Beginner to Intermediate Features FTE Evolution 3 Piece Shell is up to two pounds 0 9kg lighter than traditional boots by eliminating overlapping plastics and bolts Comes with a #8 Flex tongue which can be swapped out with other #Flex tongues to adjust flex to your preference Additional #Flex Tongues sold separately Ribbed tongue design allows the boot to flex without bottoming out for no more shin bang Cable closure eliminates pressure points and lets boot flex like it has traditional laces Macro adjusting ladders and micro adjusting buckles give you ultimate control over fit Free Flexing cuff has unlimited forward motion for more natural movement on and off skis Rigid Boot Board is extra supportive for better control of skis Tool free forward lean adjust lets you customize your stance on the fly Dual material outsoles provide grip and stability and can be replaced as needed Quick Fit Liners are completely air tight sealing in air like a wetsuit for maximum warmth Powerwrap Intuition liners hold foot securely so all of your energy goes into the skis for maximum control Intuition liners heat mold using your body heat for a custom on mountain fit Fully customizable design can be repaired or upgraded by you with a Phillips head screwdriver

    Full Tilt Plush 4 Ski Boots Womens - B016YOULKE

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