Atomic 2018 Vantage X 77 C Skis w/XT 10 Bindings - B074PX877B

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  • 2018 Atomic Vantage X 77 C Skis w/ XT 10 Bindings

  • The Atomic Vantage X 77 C is designed to be a relatively forgiving all mountain ski that leans towards use on groomed slopes. Atomic Vantage X series in general is targeting skiers who spend the majority of their time on groomed slopes and this Vantage X 77 C is one that doesn’t use any metal in its construction. This makes it much more suitable for intermediate skiers and just anyone who doesn’t consider themselves an aggressive skier. The Vantage X 77 C does still use Atomic’s innovative Carbon Tank Mesh material, which retains good torsional stiffness, edge grip, and responsiveness, but is significantly lighter than metal. The ski doesn’t have a super short turn radius like a slalom ski, but is definitely a quick turner with its 14.6 m radius at the 171 cm length. Atomic describes them as smooth and easy to control, which they certainly are, but they pack some pretty impressive performance too. For skiers who stick mostly to groomed slopes this ski provides what we would describe as really fun performance. It’s energetic, responsive, but doesn’t require a ton of skier input or high speeds to get the most of it; it’s perfectly happy just going out for a cruise.

    Atomic 2018 Vantage X 77 C Skis w/XT 10 Bindings - B074PX877B

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