2018 Volkl Mantra Skis w/ Tyrolia Attack 13 Bindings - B078P6BR5R

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  • 2018 Volkl Mantra Skis w/ Tyrolia Attack 13 Bindin

  • The 2018 Volkl Mantra Skis with binding setup is the ultimate bundle for expert level skiers looking for one of the best skis ever made. The Mantra has undergone some changes over the years, but is only graphically different for 17-18. Volkl has continued its dominance in the expert level one ski quiver department and with good reason. The 2018 Volkl Mantra is an ideal choice for skiing fast, taking chances, and ripping the entire mountain. Speed is a big reason why we all love skiing so much. It's incredibly important to have the proper tools on your feet so that skiing fast is stable and smooth and controlled. The 2018 Volkl Mantra is one of the best in the business. Thanks to its wood core and dual metal layers, the Mantra is stiff enough to handle some top end MPH's and barely flinch. Risk is an inherent aspect of the sport of skiing. You'll never progress unless you take risks, and you won't take risks if your skis are below your ability level. The 2018 Volkl Mantra has a full rocker shape that allows you to push your boundaries perhaps past comfort and still feel in control. The tips engage easily into the turn and the tails don't lock you in-unless you want them to. As a result, the skier has all the control of the equation and is able to calculate and assess risk accurately. The Volkl Mantra has long been known as an all-mountain ski, and we couldn't agree more. At 100mm underfoot, the Mantra bridges the gap between on-trail and off-piste, creating a perfect shape for an all-mountain charger. You'll never find an aspect of terrain in which the Mantra fails. The 2018 Volkl Mantra ski and binding setup is the ideal tool for expert skiers looking to ski the entire hill.

    2018 Volkl Mantra Skis w/ Tyrolia Attack 13 Bindings - B078P6BR5R

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