2018 Salomon Astra Women's Skis with Lithium 10 W Bindings - B074TVW4KX

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  • 2018 Salomon Astra Women's Skis w/ Lithium 10 W Bi

  • The Salomon Astra is a women’s all mountain ski that leans towards use more on groomed snow than in off-piste terrain thanks to its 78 mm waist width and design largely derived from carving skis. There was a lot of thought that went into the design and construction of the Astra. Salomon has used a lively, energetic wood core at the heart of the ski that’s supported by a layer of basalt and cork inserts underneath the bindings. The basalt and cork really help smooth out the performance of the ski and give it some vibration dampening that usually is provided by much heavier sheets of metal. This construction makes it an excellent cruising ski for groomed slopes. It’s not heavy like a race ski or a more aggressive carving ski, but stays quiet and calm along the surface of the snow. It has a relatively short 13 m turn radius at the 161 cm length, so it’s not going to make big drawn out carving turns. It does, however, make very satisfying and responsive short radius turns. This short turn radius will provide some increased confidence for a lot of skiers as it makes it easy to manipulate the ski and manage speed on steep slopes.

    2018 Salomon Astra Women's Skis with Lithium 10 W Bindings - B074TVW4KX

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